StepWise is a Windows based test automation tool.  It is different from standard test automation tools (including QTP) in many different respects – most importantly due to its capability to partially automate test scenarios.

Some of the scenarios that need partial automation are those which have specific synchronisation requirements (say, loading of a page in the browser), verification procedures that often need expensive investment to create a fool-proof automation around, handling of exceptions and so on.  In all above mentioned cases, manual intervention is desirable, since it’s most effective (not necessarily efficient) way to test.

In the proposed scheme of partial automation, there is an inbuilt mechanism that allows to seamlessly switch between the manual and automated execution modes.

The tool’s USP is tied to its approach towards manual testing, and how it tries a hand at marrying manual testing to test automation, which incidentally, and most uniquely, solves a lot of problems faced by software testers today.  And most importantly, it is free.  So, go ahead and try it!